Smart Schools is here!

The great day has arrived!

Finally, after a lot of work, commitment and enthusiasm of the S2 team, we are ready to announce the official launch of Smart Schools free app.

From today, February 15th of 2016 and in just 4 clicks, any school in Spain can be registered in Smart Schools through the website option “Register your school”, in order to start enjoying, without any cost, all the benefits and features of Smart Schools

Smart Schools app is specially designed for parents, students, teachers and school staff. Smart Schools allows them to manage in just a few clicks, from anywhere and at anytime, all the areas related to management, administration and communication of your school. 

Furthermore, Smart Schools app is already available in Google Play, where all the students, parents, teachers and school staff of those previously registered schools in Smart Schools, who have a username and password, can download for free the S2 app from their mobile phone or tablet, and start managing the day-to-day of their school.

Having the school in the palm of your hands has never been so easy, fast and secure!

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