The 6 main benefits of school digitization

Nowadays, technology plays a fundamental role in our society which is becoming more and more digitalized. In fact, Spain is the country that has more Smartphones per capita than any other country, and where more than 22.2 million people have ready access to the internet on a daily basis.

This digitization of the society, brings large benefits, particularly when applying it to education. Below are listed the 6 main benefits of using technology in schools:

  • Motivation: It allows students to work with different audiovisual formats such as images, video games, sounds, maps, podcasts, etc. It makes lessons more entertaining and encourages students to learn in a non-intrusive manner.
  • Adaptation: It allows the learning process to be adapted to each child and not the other way around. It stimulates visual learning as well as the auditory and kinetic, whereby the student uses specific material that stimulates and helps them to learn in a better way.
  • Understanding: It makes education more understandable. There is more information instantly available, such as images, videos, etc. This facilitates teacher’s work, as well as providing them a better understanding of the topics they are teaching. Having this information readily available also allows students to use it in a way that supports what is being taught and broaden concepts, making them more understandable.
  • Practicing: It allows students to interact with teachers, materials, topics, etc., developing the kinesthetic learning of students and improving the educational process.
  • Developing: It facilitates the development of skills such as logic and critical sense, as well as the skills that deal with social interaction.
  • Facilitating: By having technology in schools, communication between teachers, students, families and school staff becomes real-time. This increases the participation of parents and the interaction of students whilst improving the learning process substantially.

However, not all the schools can benefit from the advantages that technology applied to education offers because they simply do not have the resources to digitalize the school centers.

For that reason, Smart Schools offers its App to all the schools willing to digitalize the management and communication of their school, allowing their staff, students and their families to benefit from the advantages listed.


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